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Crystal Metaphysical Properties

Crystals possess metaphysical properties due to their unique atomic structure and energetic composition, formed over millions of years deep within the Earth. Each crystal has a distinct molecular arrangement that gives rise to specific vibrational frequencies. When in contact with the human energy field, or aura, crystals emit subtle energy vibrations that interact with the …

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Crystal Benefits

Crystals are not just geological formations; they are repositories of profound healing energy that develop deep within the Earth. These remarkable minerals offer a plethora of healing benefits that transcend the boundaries of the physical, mental, and spiritual realms. Formed over millions of years, crystals are imbued with potent energies that can emit positive, uplifting, …

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Cooper Benefits

Copper is not only a good conductor of heat and electricity; it’s also a spiritual conductor, capable of grounding and transferring vibration frequencies from the physical realm to the spiritual one. This unique property allows copper to magnify energy transfers or enhance energy flow, especially when paired with crystals. When used in crystal jewelry, copper …

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